Just Let's Catch

You must be lost. Let's make the most of it.

My Body and Other Bad Sitcoms, Vol. 1

 We’re very excited for the launch of our latest exhibit. We’ll be adding more as the pandemic and our limited ambition allow. Thank you to our generous sponsor, Liber8, for making this show a reality.


Albert’s lost his spleen, half a kidney, some fingers, an eyeball, and his sense of feeling. He’s careening across the country on a mission of self-sacrifice. Or to find the secrets of connection. Or to be rendered into glue. Hard to say.

I've Been Better

There will be necrotic fat. Interventional radiology. A butcher (or a surgeon?). A pool filled with medical supplies. And a guest appearance from a nameless nephrologist. Sound good? Bring your stethoscope and a missing dog.