Nice work!

You’ve completed your second challenge. Unless you lied about Week 1 (but that’s on you). Either way, you’re here! Still, tread lightly and look over your shoulder often. Especially on stairs.

What's next?

You’re doing great work. To prepare for your next challenge, we strongly encourage you to:

  • Cover your arm in plastic wrap before you shower, then pretend it doesn’t exist until you’re clothed again
  • Whisper “Helsinki” over and over as you fall asleep at night
  • Rid your kitchen of all aluminum-containing products

For your next challenge, speed will be of the essence, whether it seems that way or not. Your Caligenic Navigator will be in touch soon.

I was in the grocery story when I felt a sharp pain in my calf, then suffered a bout of nausea. Is that normal?

Not for most people.

Are tattoos a problem?

If you’re still worried about your calf and the nausea, there’s little we can do. How long were you in the store? Were you thinking about healthcare-associated infections? Is it possible that groceries weren’t what you really needed?

If you’re not still worried, then tattoos shouldn’t be a problem, depending on where we cut.