You’re one step closer.

Doesn’t it feel great? You look better already, for real. If anyone tells you different, please forgive their obvious impairment. We all need compassion. You just…maybe brush the crumbs from the corner of your mouth.

What's next?

The Caligenic appreciates your cooperation and suggests that over the next couple of days, you:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid vegetables of the nightshade family
  • Wash your torso with Hibiclens, a pre-surgical, antimicrobial soap available over the counter at your nearest pharmacy

And rest up! Next week’s challenge is tough, a test of your perseverance and mental acuity. Your Caligenic Navigator will be in touch soon.

Should I be feeling any pain after the survey, particularly in my spleen or my gall bladder?

Definitely not in your gall bladder. Assure yourself it’s nothing and that many things are related.

I need an inspiration fix. Any suggestions?

A few ideas:

How do I type an accent character on a Mac, as in née?
  1. Press the Option key and the ‘e’ key at the same time. This will get the accent to appear.
  2. Type the letter you want to accent.
  3. Enjoy a refreshing beverage.