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No one wishes to be the ham

Tiny Peacock rested on a lily flotilla.

Tiny Ostrich approached from the west with Tiny Goat on her back. Tiny Blue Bird nestled himself between Tiny Goat’s horns. He was tired, though couldn’t say why.

Tiny Pig approached from the east with Tiny Frog on his back.

Tiny Ostrich (to Tiny Peacock): “You’re such a ham.”

Tiny Peacock (to no one in particular): “I do not wish to be the ham.”

Tiny Pig: “No one wishes to be the ham.”

Tiny Frog grinned, noted the world seemed small today.

Tiny Blue Bird concurred. “Some days, you need to be carried. Thank you, Tiny Goat, Tiny Ostrich. When I’m up to it, I shall fetch us some pie.”

Tiny Frog: “A big one, huge.”

Tiny Blue Bird: “The hugest.”

Tiny Sun started setting.

Tiny Peacock (quietly): “Does this mean, ‘Thinking of You’?”

Tiny Happiness: “Damn, have you had the pie?”